INOWA "System H"

The filter-less high performance separator.

System designation : INOWA "System H"
Design: Filterless high-performance separator in compact construction for underground installation
Construction : Monolithic reinforced concrete basin, circular construction

Tested and CE-marked according to EN 858-1, fulfils
the requirements according to DIN 1999-100 and DIN 1999-101.
Registered according to ÖNORM B5101, DIBt approved

Building authority approval no. Z-83.8-80

Other standard designations: Coalescence separator, light liquid separator, oil separator

INOWA - The No. 1 in maintenance-free separation technology
  • Completely filterless without using coalescence material
  • Inflow closure and density-independent triggering mechanism, no excess height or warning system needed
  • Automatic oil extraction into a separate oil tank (meets the requirements according to DIN 1999-101) for bio-diesel
  • Integrated sampling (note country-specific requirements)
  • Simple tightness test in accordance with DIN 1999100, 15.3.3 possible in consultation with authorities
  • PEHD inliner instead of conventional coating

Oil separator for every application. From filling stations to airports.

  • Filling stations
  • Bio-diesel filling stations
  • Storage tanks
  • Car dealers
  • Car workshops
  • Wash bays
  • Gantry car washes
  • Conveyor tunnel car washes
  • Transport companies
  • Scrap yards
  • Agricultural machinery businesses
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Trade and industry
  • Power stations
  • Transformer stations
  • Military facilities
  • Cable cars
  • Public transport providers, etc.
The filter-less high performance separator.
The filter-less high performance separator

Nominal Size
Oil storage
tank (liters)
shaft dimension
square shaft
Art. no.

Data sheets
        3      150       2.0002.000x2.000       150 H NS03
        4      150       2.0002.000x2.000       150 H NS04
        6      150       2.0002.000x2.000       150 H NS06PDF
       10      150       2.0002.000x2.000       150 H+ NS10PDF
       15      200       2.5002.500x2.500       200 H+ NS15
       20      200       2.5002.500x2.500       200 H+ NS20PDF
       25      3002.800x2.500       300 H+ NS25PDF
       30      3002.800x2.500       300 H+ NS30PDF
       35      4003.200x2.500       300 H+ NS35PDF
       40      4003.200x2.500       300 H+ NS40PDF
       50      5003.500x2.500       300 H+ NS50PDF
       60      6004.000x2.500       300 H+ NS60
       70      7004.000x2.500       300 H+ NS70PDF
       80      800       300 H+ NS80PDF
      100     10005.900x2.500       400 H+ NS100

Specification texts are available on request.


NS      nominal size in l/s
SF       sludge trap in l
Ø        basin diameter
H        overall height of basin (incl. flat cover)
TZ       standard inflow depth
T         inflow depth to be specified by customer
DN     diameter connections
DiBt   approved by NS3-24       300

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