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WATER. Water is the basis of life and the resource of the future. Everyone needs water, it comes from our natural environment, where it is also returned. That is why it is our duty to keep water clean and reuse it to save resources.

INOWA is one of the leading waste water technology companies in the world. From research and development to consulting and planning, project management and sales, delivery and customer service, we always give our best.

INOWA offers long-term concepts:
* Cost-effective and environment-friendly.
* Consistently geared to the needs of our customers.
* Straightforward and understandable approaches.
* Custom-made solutions for versatile, complex tasks.
* Manufactured by our own workshops.
* The best price-performance ratio on the market.
* Systems featuring high-quality components, a long service life, maximum operational reliability and the lowest operating costs.

INOWA supplies system solutions:
* Maintenance-free separation technology.
* A wide range of oval basin systems.
* Fully biological water treatment.
* Wash water filtration systems.
* Special solutions for different sectors and industries.

INOWA - History:
1992     Company is founded in Marchtrenk
              Start production of oil separators for installation in prefabricated basins
1994     Development of the first wash water treatment system
1996     Enter the German market
              The next few years see massive expansion of sales throughout Europe and in China with a focus on 
              the automotive sector (filling stations and workshops), in the municipal sector and airports
1997     Start-up of the first waste water treatment system for a car wash
1998     Development of fully biological small-scale water treatment system with fixed-bed bioreactor
2001     Design and implementation of an industrial system to eliminate metals from waste water in electro-polishing and etching systems.
2003     Development of oval basin technology
2004     St. Valentin branch opens to manufacture concrete components for INOWA separation systems  
2007     Planning and delivery of the largest NS 1440 separation system to date for Leipzig airport
2009     Installation of the first separation system in Switzerland
2012     Delivery of the first large-scale separation system for a Chinese airport
              Delivery of several separation systems for a Norwegian airport
              Export of separators to Sudan, Bhutan and India
2018     Development of the C-BIO fully biological wash water treatment system
2019     Delivery of a separation system for Male airport (Maldives)
2021     Planning and delivery of fully biological treatment system for 24/7 conveyor tunnel in Dubai
2022     Move to new company building