Maintenance-free separation technology

INOWA System H - the intelligent separator system.
  • Purely hydro-dynamic action
  • No filter materials such as
  • PU foam plastic, rippled or bevelled plates
  • ...maintenance-free separation technology
  • Inflow closure is located directly at the inlet to the sludge trap. This prevents a build-up in the whole separator system so that if water continues to enter no light liquid can enter the soil
  • No need for shaft to protrude above ground level
  • If approved by the authorities, a warning system is not required. Country-specific regulations apply.
Additional equipment:
  • Factory installed cable leadthrough
  • Oil-free surface until the maximum oil storage volume is reached
  • Purely flow-related function, without density sensitive floats, skimmers, etc.
  • Light liquid and water are screened in the separator
  • Disposal using separate oil tank saves costs and guarantees uptime - even while disposing of oil
Additional equipment:
  • Flood-proof design of the oil storage tank
  • Oil suction port including C-coupling and oil level measurement
  • The float triggers when the maximum level of the light liquid is reached and also reacts if there is a build-up due to hydraulic overload
  • PEHD inliner for maximum mechanical and chemical resistance
  • DIN 1999100 requires the inside surfaces to be coated or lined. INOWA is the only manufacturer that since 2000 has integrated the PEHD inside lining into the DIBT approval
  • Also available in double-walled version to monitor leakages
  • No separate sampling chamber required (refer to country-specific requirements)
  • Less space required
  • Optional - sampling directly integrated in the separator according to DIN 1999-100 in agreement with the authorities

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