INOWA is a worldwide specialist for waste water technology. With filterless, maintenance-free oil separators, innovative basin systems and special technologies for fully biological wash water treatment and filtration. INOWA does not supply mass-produced components. INOWA is your partner for customised solutions.
  • Maintenance-free separation technology filterless, maintenance-free, reliable.
  • Oval basin systems custom basin systems for the highest safety and lowest construction costs.
  • Fully biological water treatment targeted break-down of organic contamination in heavily polluted waste water from car washes.
  • Wash water filtration systems fully automatic filtration systems for waste water from washing systems

Please choose one of the technologies.

Maintenance-free separation technology

Maintenance-free separation technology - the technology that delivers what it says.
If you are replacing or refurbishing an oil separation system, it is not only the initial costs that are decisive, you also need to take into account the expected operating and maintenance costs.

In addition to ongoing servicing, cleaning and extensive inspections, the first general inspection required by law after 5 years can notch up high repair and refurbishment costs. If the coating needs renovation, the entire system may need to be shut down for a longer period of time. That means a huge loss of earnings.


* 100% filterless (without plate units, screens, etc.)
* 100% safety against oil leakage (in case of flooding, high water, sewer backwater, etc.)
* 15-year warranty on the PEHD inner lining of the basin (instead of
   conventional paint, coating or other much more brittle materials such as polymers).

Purchasing an oil separation system is an investment with a long-term effect. The filterless and therefore maintenance-free oil separators made by INOWA guarantee operational reliability for decades.
Maintenance-free separation technology-INOWA "System H"
INOWA "System H"

Oval basin systems

Custom-configured systems to meet your requirements.
INOWA′s oval basin technology is different and better. It sets a new standard in innovative process technology and modern basin systems - instead of outdated installation chains.

INOWA′s basin systems feature a modular design that is compact and versatile.  The system allows us to configure custom solutions for any application.

From the smallest system to large-scale installations. Due to the variable partition walls in combination with the monolithic oval construction, a wide range of variants can be implemented efficiently.


* Low construction costs
* Myriad combination options
* Smaller footprint than conventional basin designs
* Reduced risk of pipe breakage
* No need to use flocking agents 

Oval basin systems-INOWA "System H-C5"
INOWA "System H-C5"

Fully biological water treatment

The quality of the process water is determined by more than just the filtration system, because water treatment starts from the moment the water enters the circulation system. The correct dimensioning of the sludge traps and the activated stages is decisive. Errors in the basin configuration can not be corrected at a later stage, even with expensive retrofits in the technical room.

The latest development from INOWA is the C BIO fully biological water treatment system. The water is treated biologically in the basin in a sustainable and resource-saving way.


*Low contamination inside the washing booth resulting in longer cleaning intervals
*Clear water
*No odours
*Maintenance-free fixed-bed bioreactor
*Sustainable and resource-saving
*Long service life for filters and wash system

Fully biological water treatment-INOWA "System C6-BIO"
INOWA "System C6-BIO"

Wash water filtration systems

Our customers have high expectations - we have the best know-how
We have gained a wide range of experience in developing projects with our customers. In the process, we also learned about a number of different requirements. Reason enough for us to develop a system that is simple and straightforward to set up, but also particularly effective for this very reason.

Coarse separation, water activation and fine separation.
These are the stages covered by INOWA′s wash water treatment.


* Customised with a filtration capacity between 3,000 l/h and 50,000 l/h
* Multi-layer depth filtration
* No flocking agents required
* No disinfection required
* Fully automatic operation

Wash water filtration systems-INOWA "Watertec WT3K"
INOWA "Watertec WT3K"