Fully biological water treatment

These systems consist of a sludge trap, a fully biological purification stage, a secondary sedimentation stage and an extraction area. Biological purification is carried out by a submerged fixed-bed bioreactor located in the basin, which is designed depending on the contamination of the water and the expected number of washes. The fixed-bed bioreactor is maintenance-free and outputs odour-free, crystal-clear process water.

Targeted degradation of surfactants and dissolved organic substances results in less cleaning effort required in the car wash and in the wash bay. A clean car wash offers the customer a TOP car wash experience.
The C6-BIO fully biological purification system was developed especially for car wash centres and filling stations with medium to high frequency.

INOWA System C6-BIO >
The C1-BIO fully biological purification system is implemented wherever large quantities of water and high volumes of organic matter are to be expected.

INOWA System C1-BIO >
The C4-BIO fully biological purification system is mainly used in conveyor tunnel car washes and configured according to the specific requirements.

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