Oval basin systems

Compact – flexible – modular

A key component of our maintenance-free separator technology and wash water preparation plants is a flexible, compact and modular oval shaped basin system.
With this system we are able to deliver a water treatment plant that is precisely matched to individual specifications: from empty sludge catchment basins with volume of 20 m3 through to high performance basins with partial stream water preparation solutions.
The compact oval basin with integrated sample basin or C1 pump vessel INOWA System C1.
INOWA System C1 >
The oval basin separator with enlarged sludge trap.
INOWA System H-C2 >
The separator with integrated single or double pump station to protect against back flow.
INOWA System H-C3 >
The compact basin as sludge trap, stackable basin, collection basin, etc.
INOWA System H-C4 >
The separator with two separate waste water streams.
C5 - INOWA System H-C5-
INOWA System H-C5 >