Airport, BERLIN-TEGEL/Germany

Airport operations company
Airport operations company
  • Upgrading an existing petroleum separator in a concrete basin
  • Accumulation of very high waste water volumes (2,500 m³/h)
  • Highest level of reliability and safety must be ensured, as the discharge is into an airport lake, which serves as recreational and bathing water
  • Filterless and maintenance-free separator unit
  • Installation of a SYSTEM H-C3 NG 720l/sec. with automatic light liquid extraction into a separate oil reservoir and sampling tank
  • Using an existing concrete basin that has been renovated
  • Installation of a SYSTEM H NG 720 l/sec filterless stainless steel separator.
  • The treated surface water runs into the airport lake

Dr. W. Wendt / UIC Consult -


„We had the problem of cleaning waste water from the airport apron. This made a high-performance separator system necessary that requires little maintenance and remains complete and ready for operation even during inspection and waste disposal. INOWA presented a customised concept for us here. The system operates absolutely filter-free, making it extremely easy to maintain.“