WASCHWELT, Weiden/Bavaria

Conveyor tunnel car wash with self-service bays
Conveyor tunnel car wash with self-service bays
  • Lowest possible maintenance requirement
  • Consistent operation at maximum utilisation
  • Appropriate basin technology where no repair or maintenance costs are to be expected for decades to come
  • The best process water quality to ensure good washing results

  • Coarse material separation in oval basins with optimum surface coating
  • Activation stage and extraction basin
  • Fine material separation with WATERTEC®WT 40 (40,000 l/h)
  • Filterless high-performance SYSTEM H-C2 separator with maintenance-free separation technology (separate oil reservoir and sludge trap)

Jürgen Bartmann -

Company owner:

„With the INOWA basin technology and treatment system I now have a perfectly matched system for treating process water. The decision at that time to equip all basins with PEHD inner lining was correct from today′s point of view and has proven to be the current state of the art following two general inspections of the basins without any problems. We had just one day of downtime before full washing operations could be resumed.
I would choose INOWA again anytime!“