INOWA "System C6-BIO"

Fully biological water treatment

Compact basin for gantry car wash system for coarse material separation and for fully biological purification
System designation: INOWA "System C6-BIO"
Design: fully biological water treatment in compact design for underground installation
Construction : Monolithic steel reinforced concrete basin in oval design

The fully biological C6-BIO purification system was specially developed for car wash centres and filling stations with medium to high frequency.

Oval basin with the integrated components:
  • Sludge trap
  • maintenance-free, fully biological purification stage - fixed-bed bioreactor
  • Secondary sedimentation / extraction area

Biological purification is carried out by a submerged fixed-bed bioreactor located in the basin. This is adequately dimensioned, as no consideration needs to be given to the usually already cramped space conditions in the technical room. The fixed-bed bioreactor is maintenance-free and outputs odour-free, crystal-clear process water.

Targeted degradation of surfactants and dissolved organic substances results in less cleaning effort required in the car wash and in the wash bay. A clean car wash offers the customer a TOP car wash experience.

  • All ground components in one basin
  • Maintenance-free fixed bed bioreactor
  • Independent system
  • Can be combined with any filtration system
  • Targeted degradation of surfactants and dissolved organic substances
  • Low running costs
  • Sustainable and resource-saving

VSF (l)

VNK/EB (l)

Bioreactor (mm)L x W x H (mm)TzDNArt. no.
6.0005.0001.000 x 1.5004.320 x 2.820 x 2.800670150C6 BIO 06-05

Specification texts are available on request.


V        Usable capacity in l
ASF    Usable surface
FB      Volume of fixed bed
LxW    basin dimensions (length x width)
H        overall height of basin (incl. flat cover)
Tz       standard inflow depth
TR       inflow depth wash circuit
T         inflow depth to be specified by customer
DN     diameter connections (other dimensions also available)

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