INOWA High-capacity separator

For apron drainage at airports.

INOWA High-capacity separator
System example: high capacity separator NS 800 l/s
High capacity separator systems - The special challenge.

We offer you two different versions for this special application.


Separator modules in high quality stainless steel, for installation in existing or cast-on-site reinforced concrete vessels.

Parallel separator systems in compact construction.
For apron drainage at airports.
System example: high capacity separator NS 1440 l/s
The ideal system solution for every major project.

Airports present a special challenge due to the quantity and sheer size of the separator plants needed. Downtime is out of the question at airports; they have to be operational all the time. That is the most important criterion concerning the choice of modern separator system for draining large surface areas, together with complete reliability, also during inspections, maintenance and cleaning, as well as minimum operating costs. A special problem is presented by backflow and the increase in water level inside the separator plant. The light liquid already separated in the oil tank must be kept safe and full operational readiness ensured at all times. To make sure that these requirements can be met, INOWA separators have a self-activating closure system on the integrated oil tank.

Decisive features of a high capacity separator plant.
  • Maintenance-free high capacity separator, completely filter-less without coalescence material

  • Automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil tank protected from flooding or rising water levels, and disposal possible during full operation readiness

  • Uninterrupted operational readiness (also during oil disposal and maintenance)

  • Level supervision in the separate oil tank with data fed to central control room (available as an option)

  • Short construction time with prefabricated parts to ensure continuous operation

  • Modular structure of individual, approved separator components

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