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Preparation Plant INOWA WT3K up to 3.000 l/h 处理量3000升/小时的循环水处理设备

Washwater Preparation
for Passenger Car-Wash Plants

The preparation System Watertec WT3 or WT3K is the ideal preparation solutions for car-wash plants.
WT3 或 WT3K 是用于小型车辆清洗的循环水处理设备

Especially the newly developped construction series WT3K stands out with its compact dimensions, which finds a place even in tight engineering rooms. With its integrated recycled-water container and pressure increase, it offers unbeatable advantages and sufficient capacity despite its compact dimension.

System Example Car Dealer 汽车代理应用示例

Places of Wastewater Generation:

- car-wash plant 洗车设备
- dewatering of garage 机修排水
- high-pressure wash place 高压洗车
- parking area of damaged cars 飞车堆放场

Typical Plant Configuration 典型配置

As a typical plant configuration for wastewater technology including washwater-preparation the compact preparation plant INOWA Watertec WT3K combined with the combination basin System C5 is most suitable.
循环水处理的典型配置包括 WT3K 处理设备和C5池体。

As a compact cleaning- and preparation process the INOWA System C5 is concepted for all those wastewaters arising from different operation processes. The compact system includes sludge collector and high-performance separator for

- Part-Flow 1 from the areas garage, washbox with HP-cleaner and parking area of damaged vehicles,
- 入水1 来自机修,洗车(含清洗剂)和废车堆放场
as well as all underground components for
- Part-Flow 2 from the brush-wash plant area
- 入水2来自手动洗车