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Voluntary Fire Brigade Pichling (AT)

In the course of the renewal of some fire brigade stations of some voluntary fire brigades near Linz /Danube (Austria) this fire brigade station in Pichling, in the southeast of Linz, was also completely renewed and equipped with the latest technology.

Apart from the building, which was built in a low-energy design, some other areas were also planned and renewed under functional and ecologic aspects. Regarding the oil separator, the maintenance free technology provided by INOWA was chosen. 

Voluntary Fire Brigade Pichling (AT)

Assignment of Tasks

At the new construction of this building the previous infrastructure was torn down and newly constructed. This also implemented the new construction of a washing place in front of the fire truck hall, which has to be dewatered through an oil separator.

The most important aspects at the selection of the product were lowest possible maintenance effort and costs as well as a high operating reliability.
The maintenance of a possible filter or coalescence material was not desired.



As there are no further areas to be dewatered apart from the washing place, a separator INOWA System H NG6 was installed.

The maintenance free separating technology completely meets the requirements of a lowest possible mainenance effort. High operating reliability is guaranteed by the automatic oil withdrawal into the separate oil container.
As the separator is located in a green area in front of the building, this separate oil container and the inflow lock provide an absolute safety.

Satisfied Team

Werner Ammerer, Commanding Officer of the fire brigade on this separating plant:

"For us this INOWA separator is just ideal. Through its maintenance free separating technology our maintenance and supervision activities can be reduced to a minimum. Above all, nobody would like to do the highly unpopular work of cleaning the filter of a customary separator.

With voluntary fire brigades, in particular, there always comes up the question who is responsible for the separator. Internal or in general, as the fire brigade and its real estate does not belong to the fire brigade themselves, but to the community. So it can be quite unclear , particularly in towns with a more complex administration structure, who is the responsible party for such a separation plant. In the end, there is even the danger that nobody might take care of it.

I also know other fire brigades with conventional separating plants and alarm devices. Even there it is more often than not unclear who is going to react on an alarm and above all when ...

With this separator from INOWA we don´t know these problems. It is so uncomplicated that any supervisions and checks are quickly accomplished and we always have the reliability that everything is fine."
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