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Textile Washing Plant Ismaning (Germany)

In Ismaning near Munich Mr. Josef Frey has been running a car-wash plant with a lot of passion since 2009. Hundreds of customers have their car washed there every day and they are happy about the friendly and  professional care and advice by the team of Josef Frey.

Josef Frey was dealing very intensively with the topic of washwater preparation and looked in detail into all relevant aspects. The INOWA concept system still convinces him up to this day.
Textile Washing Plant Ismaning (Germany)

Assignment of Tasks-

Assignment of Tasks

For this car-wash plant the complete concept of the washwater preparation and dewatering of the self-service palces was developped. In total this car-wash center consists of:

  • 34 m conveyor tunnel
  • 2 self-serivice wash places
  • 6 hoovering places
Important to Josef Frey was not only the overground preparation plant, but above all an optimal creation of basin system belonging to the preparation. A prior-ranking in his decision were laid to the issues of sludge sedimentation, the total costs of ownership as well as the reliability of operation.

Together with the experts from INOWA all the single aspects were discussed and the ideal solution was carried out.
The Wastewater Concept-

The Wastewater Concept

Washwater Preparation:

  • Sludge Collector: INOWA Oval Basin System C4 20m³
  • Activation and Withdrawal Basin: INOWA Oval Basin System C1 20m³
  • Preparation Plant: INOWA Watertec WT 40 (up to 40.000 l/h)
Treatment of surplus-water and dewatering of self-service places:

High Performance Separator INOWA System H C2, filterless with maintenance free separation technique.

The oval basin technology provides a better sludge sedimentation than ordinary round basins. The use of an oil separator provides additional safety. Particularly important to him, however, were the low installation depth of the basins through their oval shape. That resulted in considerable advantages at the installation of the plant because of the smaller excavation. All basins as well as the oil separator are equipped with the special inside coating PEHD-Inliner, which stands out because of its absolute chemical and mechanical consistency.
Josef Frey on the INOWA Plant-

Josef Frey on the INOWA Plant

"I am really glad that I have decided on INOWA. A reliable engineering is very important at professional car washing. That is why I have dealt intensively with the topic of washwater preparation.

An excellent consulting service, the technical concept and efficient solutions from INOWA still convince me to this day. The maintenance of the whole plant is supposably easy. Part of it is of course the filterless separator with maintenance free separating technique which gives me an additional reliability. And the customers ? They can be happy about their perfectly washed car.
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