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Aereal Cableway- and Funicular Companies

Every year, millions of tourists, alpinists, mountain climbers, hikers, skiers and diverse wintersport tourists come to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful nature or to do sports. A number of cableways, funiculars and ski-lift facilities transport the guests. In the wintertime the slopes are treated by snow groomers.

This labourious infrastructure of course has to be maintained and looked after. The operating sites, facilities, garages, workshops etc. have to be dewatered appropriately safe, as predominantly in the alpine area water protection has an enormous importance. 

Our INOWA products do a reliable job also in these areas.
Aereal Cableway- and Funicular Companies-

Special Requirements

The alpine area brings along special requirements to the dewatering. Extreme fluctuations of temperature and icy colds, high amounts of precipitation or large amounts of snow, as well as the location in an extremely sensitive
nature area.

During peak seasons the staff is totally busy managing their daily core business. That means that there is hardly any time for maintenance work and the maintenance labour has to concentrate on means of transport like snow cats, groomers and other equipment. That is why the corresponding infrastructure has to be as maintenance-free as possible.

The requirements on the separating technology are quite obvious:
- as maintenance-free as possible
- smooth and reliable operating even at times of extreme weather conditions.

INOWA Solution

The maintenance-free separating technology System H by INOWA is ideally suited for this application area.
The maintenance effort is minimized by filterless systems and the absence of surface swimmers to be tared. The automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container cares for a total operating safety.

This results in an extremely little maintenance work for the staff and an absolutely reliable operation.


With its maintenace-free separating technology and further innovative features, our INOWA System H is ideally suited for the use at the alpine area.
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