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Petrol Stations

Petrol stations are a highly frequented place, where safety has to have great priority owing to all those light liquids. High requirements to operation safety also apply to the wastewater engineering, which has to work and function perfectly around the clock.

Oil separators of a maintenance free separating technique do not only provide safety but they also relieve the staff.

Innovative und compact wastewater engineering products from INOWA will guarantee a smooth operation at the service area and at the washing plant.
Petrol Stations-

Special Requirements

At petrol stations we often find two differently loaded wastewater part flows. One heavily loaded part flow caused by the refilling area, and self service wash places, as well as a light loaded part flow caused by the automatic washing plant.

In addition there are high safety requirements, the desire for lowest possible maintenance costs and effort in order to relieve the staff, and very often very limited space.

Therefore solutions of a compact construction and special safety qualities are necessary.

INOWA Solution

Perfectly suited for petrol stations with an automatic washing plant is the INOWA System H C5. This compact system combines the wastewater processing of two part flows in only one basin. Separator plant and underground washwater prepartion components are housed separately in only one monolythic basin.

That will save space but still provides a sufficient capacity for waste quantities at petrol stations.
Furthermore, a PEHD Inliner instead of an ordinary coating will provide additional safety and quality.

Even petrol stations offering biodiesel are perfectly supplied. The automatic oil extractor in a separate oil container will care for safety and long disposal intervals also at the use of biofuels.

For the washwater preparation at petrol stations we recommend our common portal washing plants, the construction series INOWA Watertec WT3K. This plant with its extremely compact dimensions is ideal for small engineering space.


For petrol stations there are several products to be considered. Particularly suited are compact plants like our INOWA System H C5, with all its advantages of a maintenance free separation technique, and our compact preparation plant WT3K.
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