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Europe´s number 1 at maintenance free oil separating engineering

System HINOWA high-performance separators are capable of more than ordinary oil separators. Innovative details will cut costs.... more
maintenance free separating engineering
modern basin technologyguarantees an optimal and highly effective operation for most various usage.... more
Basin Systems
Preparation Systemsfor automatic vehicle washing plants. From portal plants and car washing ways to specific washing plants.... more
Inowa high-performance oil separators operate without coalescence filter or other materials. Watch in an animation film the function of the maintenance free separating technique of the Systems H. ... more
23.01.2017 | News

AutoZum 2017

Thanks to all our partners and interested parties for their visit during the ... more
02.02.2015 | News

AutoZum 2015

We say thank you to all our partners and visitors during AutoZum 2015 in ... more
11.06.2013 | News

Verein für Medizinische und Entwicklungshilfe

The club ”Helfen Wir“ has just acquired a free-standing oil separator for ... more
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