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Maintenance-free Separating Technology explained as Animation film 免维护分离器工作原理

Maintenance-free technology can hardly be explained with words. That is why we offer you the possibility to see by means of an animation film how our System H works.

Learn more about our system technology and its innovative details, which help our customers reduce maintenance efforts and costs and guarantee highest operating safety.

You can select between the version with text and language, or just the text.

免维护技术很难用语言描述。所以我们用动画的形式来帮助您理解 system H 的工作原理



INOWA - Fertigung der Betonbecken für Hochleistungsabscheider

ИНОВА - бесфильтровая водоочистка без техобслуживания

INOWA oil separation

INOWA Ölabscheider - wartungsfreie Abscheidetechnik - mit Spracherklä

INOWA oil separation

INOWA Ölabscheider - wartungsfreie