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Washing Plants for Railway Machines 适用于铁路车辆的特殊设备

INOWA does not only provide solutions for washwater preparation in terms of cars and trucks. Even for specific applications, like e.g. washing plants for railway machines, INOWA provides suitable concepts.

Washing plants for railway machinery (trains, tramways and subway trains) have to come up to special requirements. For this reason, every preparation plant is planned individually and the basins as well as the above ground preparation plant is well adjusted and dimensioned to each other.
Here we can also make ideal use of freestanding stainless steel containers instead of concrete basins.


Customised Package 特殊定制

Those procedure techniques which have to be used according to specific requirments is exactly adjusted by our INOWA process engineers regarding the kind of operating, individual procedures as well as its washwaters in terms of quantity, capacity, pollution, cleaning quality and used washing chemistry.

Since 1999 for instance, many INOWA preparation plants have been installed at several locations of the Viennese public transport company "Wiener Linien" for their bus-, tramway- and underground wash facilities.
从1999年始,维也纳公共交通公司"Wiener Linien"在多个场所安装了INOWA循环水处理设备,用于其客车,有轨电车,地铁车辆的清洗