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The INOWA Circle 企业理念

Washwater Preparation as a Total System
The philosophy of INOWA is based on an unseparable unit of different separation steps and processes. Only the well adjusted harmony of all processes will guaranty a perfect preparation result.

"We take the water - we clean the water - we return the water"
接收 - 净化 - 返还

Independent from the way and brand of the washing plant and chemistry - INOWA preparation plants stand for a perfect system solution.

The Difference 区别

There are numerous features that distinguish INOWA-preparation plants from customary systems.
On the other hand our experience from a great variety of projects, which have made INOWA a specialist for the washwater preparation of automatic washing plants.
Of course any manufacturer will try to explain his advantages to you. But be sure: If you compare the concepts and systems of INOWA and our innovative detail solutions with other customary plants, you will see, how many advantages it brings along to count on INOWA.

Customary Preparation Plants传统技术

Deliberately assembled Single Components

With customary washwater preparation plants the single components are usually badly adjusted to each other.
Although the washwater preparation always works by the same routine - coarse parts separation - activation process- fine parts separation - some easy basic principles are often neglected.
This often leads to an unsatisfying process water quality and leads to various problems like higher maintenance costs, higher consumption of operating materials, bad smell, a.s.o. Later changes, especially at underground components are either not possible at all, or only at high engineering costs.

  • higher maintenance costs
  • costly consumption of operating materials
  • bad smell
  • higher demand on space
  • unsatisfied customers

INOWA - Adjusted Preparation Plants

The perfectly adjusted complete system

The decisive factor for an excellent washing result is a process water of best quality.
The condition for that is a perfect adjustment of all those single components of the water circle.
INOWA is the specialist for this circle:

We take the water – we clean the water – we return the water.

The base for a well functioning preparation process is a perfectly customised cooperation during the planning period. A reasonable planning schedule will save time, money and worries, and later this will result into both a smooth operation and satisfied customers.

  • all preparation processes from one provider
  • perfectly adjusted components and processes
  • technically matured systems
  • innovative oval-basin technology
  • smooth operation at lowest costs
  • satisfied customers