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Washwater Preparation 冲洗水循环处理系统

INOWA has established as a specialist for washwater preparation plants for conveyor tunnel washing systems. Our plant systems are based on a simple but effective philosophy: Washwater preparation is always effected in the same principle: separation of coarse solids - water activation - separation of fine solids. Unless this procedure finds a strict and consequent care, different problems will occur.
That is why there is an essential aspect for the function of this aspect - Recognising the wastewater preparation circle as an inseparable and mutually effective complete system.
Therefore INOWA will always offer you a customised preparation system - from the portal plant to more complex roll over car wash plants of highest vehicle throughput.

INOWA regards the washwater preparation as a total system. The single preparation processes are an unseparable unit which has to be adjusted. INOWA把 了解详情
Compact washwater preparation plant with a capacity of up to 3.000 liter per hour. Ideal for portal washing plants and tight operation rooms. 了解详情
Washwater preparation plant with a capacity of 6.000 or 10.000 liter per hour. Ideal e.g. for truck- and bus-wash plants. 了解详情
High-performance plant with a capacity from 15.000 to 50.000 liter per hour for the washwater preparation of conveyor tunnels. 了解详情
Even for washing plants of railway machines or other cases of application INOWA offers a taylor made preparation system. INOWA也有用于清洗火车的循环水处理设备 了解详情