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Compact Washwater Preparation Plant - WT3K 紧凑性循环水处理设备WT3K

Nowadays passanger car-wash plants belong to a standard facilities on petrol stations, car dealers and garages. An essential part, which contributes to an environmental operating process, is the washwater preparation plant.
Wastewater specialist INOWA has been offering its compact construction series "Watertec WT 3 K" since the year 2011.

Efficient washwater preparation with compact dimensions

When dimensioning a car-wash plant, a lot of consideration is put on a compact design. The connected engineering room is more often than not tightly measured. Despite of that there should not be any restrictions in the matter of wash capacity and performance. The system INOWA WT 3 K is ideally suited for this application purpose. With its compact dimensions (base area of a Euro-Pallet) it will fit into any engineering rooms and has got all components integrated: Controll, filtration, recycled-water chamber and pump plant, which supplies the washing plant including high-pressure parts with pressure boost.
The model is free from corrosion because of its artificial material construction and is excellently suited for exchange or later equipments because of its space-saving compact design.
The capacity is up to 3 m³ per hour.
说到洗车设备的尺寸,需要考虑多个因素。一般而言,设备间空间狭小。但设备要能满足洗车的功效。 INOWA WT3K 正是为此而设计的。占地大小如一个托盘,基本可以放进任何设备间,包括所有集成配件:控制,过滤,循环水箱,泵,能提供高压水。

Basin System is part of the preparation plant

A suitable and propper basin system incl. coarse part separation and activation process is also part of a high-quality washwater preparation plant. INOWA refers to the fact that basins, by any means, have to be perfectly adjusted to the preparation plant. Therefore a specialist should already be contacted at the beginning of the planning phase of a washing plant. INOWA offers preparation plants and basin systems as a complete solution independent from the manufacturer of the respective washing plant.
Compact Washwater Preparation Plant - WT3K 紧凑性循环水处理设备WT3K-