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The market is divided into two categories 市场分为两类技术

The market of light liquids is devided in two categories: customary oil separators and separators with a mainenance-free separating technology.

The right separating technology plays an essential part in a company´s necessary operative wastewater concept, as it decides on continous operating- and maintenance costs for decades to come. That is why we at INOWA have done intensive research and development and can offer our customers simple, but intelligent solutions.
As customary separators are bound to various problems, filterless separators with a maintenance-free separating technology are favoured by companies more and more.

INOWA is Europe´s No.1 at maintenance-free separating engineering and helps a lot of operators to save costs and effort with innovative technology. Even though the principal function of separating plants seems simple, there are still considerable differences within the big range of systems, which finally make the difference on the amount of annually operating- and maintenance costs. Therefore we want to recommend all operators to get into this scope intensively before making a decision and choice on their separating technology.

From little workshops and garages to big powerplants and airports; INOWA offers separating engineering for most various applications. A plant by INOWA means in any case: optimal function, safety, reliability and economic efficiency throughout the whole product life. Wastewater engineering is a matter of trust ! So make use of the expert competence of INOWA !