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INOWA System H-PA Parking Area Separator 适用于停车场的大处理量的分离器

The filterless Parking Area Separaton in Compact Construction
for high hydraulic loads

INOWA separating plants of the construciton "System H PA" are the ideal solution for parking areas which have got a high hydraulic load. This system offers crucial advantages versus customar ground passages and are particularly suited for areas endangered by flooding.
停车场一般面积大,处理水量也大, INOWA System H PA是适用于易于发生洪水危害场所的系列

Keyfacts 主要特点

System Definition: INOWA System H – PA, Parking Area Separator
产品系列:INOWA System H – PA,用于大型停车场
Design: Filterless parking area separator in compact design for underground installation
Construction: Monolithic steel-concrete basin, round or oval construction
Optional: PEHD-Inliner instead of customary coating
可选:PEHD 防腐内衬

Keyfacts 主要特点-

The No. 1 at maintenance-free separating technology

  • All advantages of the filterless high-performance separator
    INOWA System H
  • 具有免维护的H系列的全部技术优点
  • INOWA Parking Area Separators possess an oil container lock, which guarantees a permanent separator readiness for operation even at hydraulic overload, and safes already separated oil inside the oil container at the same time.

    Application Area: 应用场合
  • Especially suited for the use in flood endangered areas (safe Oil container).
  • 尤其适用于有洪水风险的地方