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INOWA System H-C5 for 2 Part Flows 两个入水的C5系列

The filterless High Performance Separator
2 wastewater part flows in one basin
无过滤网的高效分离器 - 两个不同方向入水集合在一个池体。

At this innovative combination basin "INOWA System H -C5" there are two different wastewate part flows processed in one single basin.
In this way two functions – Washwater process and oil separating – can be integrated very space saving in one basin.
This will save construction costs, space and brings along advantages at its maintenance.

Keyfacts 主要特点

System Definition: INOWA System H – C5
产品系列:System H – C5

Design:Filterless high-performance separator with integrated preparation for circle operating in compact design for soil installation
Construction: Monolithic steel-concrete basin, oval construction

Approved and CE-certificated acc. to EN 858-1, comes up to those
requirements acc. to DIN 1999-100 and DIN 1999-101.
Registerd acc. to ÖNORM B5101, DIBt-Allowance
EN 858-1认证,符合DIN 1999-100 和 DIN 1999-101的要求,具有
ÖNORM B5101, DIBt-Allowance 证书

Bauaufsichtliche Allowance No.: Z-54.3-488
Keyfacts 主要特点-

The No. 1 at maintenance-free separating technology

  • All the advantages of the filterless high-performance separator System H
  • 具有System H 系列的所有技术优点
  • all underground components for two separate part-flows integrated in one monolithic steel-concrete basin.
  • 一个池体内有两个方向的入水

  • PEHD-Inliner instead of customary coating
  • PEHD防腐内衬