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INOWA System H
Oil Separator NS 3-40

The Filterless High Performance Separator
Round Construction

The "System H" Separator in round construciton is the core article of the INOWA product range and at the same time the mostly used type of the whole "System H" construction range. This construction type covers a large part of application areas in different branches.
圆形结构的”System H“系列是INOWA的核心产品,也是应用最广的。适应于多种应用场所。

Typical Application Areas: 典型应用

The INOWA System H in round constructon is used in various application areas like e.g.:
INOWA System H 圆形结构可应用在各种场合:

  • Petrol Stations 加油站
  • Biodiesel-Refuelling Stations 生物柴油加油站
  • Car Dealers 汽车代理商
  • Car Garages 汽车修理
  • Washing Places 冲洗场所
  • Car-Wash Plants 洗车设备
  • Conveyor Tunnels 隧道
  • Transport Companies 运输公司
  • Scrapyards 汽车分解场
  • Agricultural Machinery Companies 农用机械公司
  • Earth-Moving Companies 渣土清运公司
  • Trade and Industry 贸易公司
  • Power Stations 电站
  • Trafo Stations
  • Military Facilities 军用设施
  • Funiculars 缆车站
  • Public Transport Companies , a.s.o. 公共运输公司