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INOWA System H
Oil Separator NS 3-40

The Filterless High Performance Separator
Round Construction

The "System H" Separator in round construciton is the core article of the INOWA product range and at the same time the mostly used type of the whole "System H" construction range. This construction type covers a large part of application areas in different branches.
圆形结构的”System H“系列是INOWA的核心产品,也是应用最广的。适应于多种应用场所。

Keyfacts 主要特点

System Descripton: INOWA System H
系统描述:INOWA system H系列
Construction: Filterless High-Performance Separator in compact construction for the soil-installation、
Design: Monolithic steel-concrete basin , round construction
Proved and CE-ma acc. to EN 858-1, meets all
requirements acc. to DIN 1999-100 and DIN 1999-101.
Registerd acc. to ÖNORM B5101, DIBt-Allowance
符合EN858-1和DIN1999-100/DIN1999-101的各项要求,经过CE和ÖNORM B5101, DIBt认证

Building-Authority Allowance Nr. Z-54.3-409

Other usual descriptions: Coalescence separator, light liquid separator
Keyfacts 主要特点-

The No. 1 at maintenance-free separating technology 欧洲首创的免维护分离技术

  • Absolutely filterless without the use of coalescence material
  • 不用聚结材料
  • Inflow lock and density-independent initiating mechanism, no warning device necessary
  • 入口锁闭,采用机械原理,无密度浮阀,部分替代报警装置
  • Automatic oil withdrawal in to a separate oil container (comes up to those requirements acc. to DIN 1999-101)
  • 浮油自动进入内置油箱(符合DIN 1999-101的要求)
  • Integrated sampling acc. to DIN 1999-100
  • 按照DIN 1999-100要求配取样装置
  • Simple density check acc. to DIN 1999-100, 15.3.3
  • 按照DIN 1999-100, 15.3.3要求,密度检测便易
Optional: 可选
  • PEHD-Inliner instead of customary coating
  • 内壁预设PEHD防腐衬层(代替一般涂刷防腐)