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INOWA System H-Supra ; Oil Separator NS 3-12 处理量3-12升的Supra系列

The filterless High-Performance Oil Separator
The favourable alternative without automatic oil withdrawal
无聚结网,高效油水分离器 - 不带内置油箱的低成本选择

For those applications where no oil container is required, INOWA offers a more favourable alternative with the
System H Supra. All those advantage of a maintenance-free separating technology can also be found at the Model Supra , as well as the inflow lock and an integriated sampling.
对于某些应用场合,INOWA可提供低成本的选择 - System H Supra。 免维护的基本特点都可体现,如入口锁闭,取样设置等

Keyfacts 主要技术特点

System Description: INOWA System H-Supra
系统名称:INOWA System H-Supra

Design: Filterless High-Performance Separator in compact design for soil installation - without separate oil container
设计:无聚结网,高效分离器,紧凑型埋地安装 - 不带内置油箱

Construction: Monolithic steel-concrete container, round construciton

Approved and CE-certificated acc. to EN 858-1, comes up to those
requirements acc. to DIN 1999-100 u. DIN 1999-101.
Registered acc. to ÖNORM B5101, DIBt-Allowance
符合EN 858-1,DIN 1999-100 和 DIN 1999-101的各项要求,经过CE和ÖNORM B5101, DIBt认证

Bauaufsichtliche Allowance No.: Z-54.3-416
Keyfacts 主要技术特点-

The No. 1 at maintenance-free separating technology:欧洲首创免维护分离技术

  • Absolutely filterless without the use of coalescence material
  • 无聚结材料
  • Inflow lock: no warning device necessary
  • 入口锁闭,部分替代报警装置
  • Integrated sampling acc. to DIN 1999-100
  • 按照DIN1999-100 设置取样装置

Optional: 可选
  • PEHD-Inliner instead of customary coating
  • 内壁预制PEHD防腐衬层(替代传统涂刷防腐涂层)