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Large Separators 超大型分离器

For special applications as for instance on airports, there are required large separating plants of high flow-through quantities. Therefore INOWA has innovated a filterless high performance separator on the base of the System H, in two different versions on offer. In a modular set up we can create separating plants of a capacity of up to 1.440 l/s.
在诸如机场的地方,需要超大处理量的分离器。 INOWA在无过滤网的高效 System H 系列基础上研发了多种规格达到1440升/秒的超大设备

The Crucial Features of INOWA Large Separator Plants 超大型分离器是INOWA的技术优势

  • absolutely filterless, without coalescence materials i.e. maintenance-free coalescence feature
  • 无过滤网,免维护
  • non-interrupting readiness for operation
  • 运行无需中止
  • automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container which is safe from flooding, i.e. disposal at full operating readiness
  • 自动收集浮油,内置油箱。清理废油无需中止运行
  • Filling-level supervision in separate oil container, with data transfer to central controll place
  • 可远程监控油位
  • short construction time with ready parts and components in order to keep up the running operation
  • 预制构件,安装快捷
  • modular set up of single and proved separating components
  • 标准模块组合