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INOWA System H-FR freestanding Oil Separator 地面自由放置式分离器

The Filterless High-Performance Separator
for industrial areas
高效无过滤网分离器 - 用于工业领域

Separators can not always be used in form of concrete basins (e.g. at difficult soil and ground conditions)
and more often than not mobile separating plants are necessary. Even limited operating times require a mobil version.
With our INOWA System H FR in freestanding stainless steel design, these requirements can be fulfilled with all those advantages of the System H.
INOWA H FR系列是全不锈钢结构的自由安装式设备,具有H系列的全部技术优势。

Typical Application Areas 典型应用场合

High Performance Separator in freestanding
stainless steel design for free set up, like e.g.
  • In case of difficult soil- and ground conditions 特殊基础的情况
  • In underground car parks 地下车库
  • In cellar rooms 地下室
  • Transformator Plants 变电站
  • Powerplants (e.g. turbine corridor dewatering) 发电厂
  • Trade and industry 工业应用
  • For an installation in containers 安装在集装箱内
  • For a mobile use 可移动安装
  • For a time limited use, e.g. for groundwater rennovations 临时性使用