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System Engineering in General 概述

INOWAtive Features
Intelligent Detail Solutions

the "INOWA "System H" with its maintenance-free separating technology offers various advantages to customary separating systems. Innovative detail solutions like e.g. a filterless, totally hydrodynamic efficiency, result in several advantages:
免维护的 System H 系列相较于传统方式具有多个技术优势,如:无过滤网,全流体力学作用,因而带来如下特点:
  • lowest possible operating costs  最低的运行成本
  • lowest maintenance costs and effort  最低的维护成本
  • highest operating reliability  最高的运行可靠性


Filterless (without coalescence matrials) 无聚结材料

Your advantages:
  • No part disposal of separator contents for checking the coalescence material
  • 检测时无需清理
  • No running (at least half-yearly) costs intensive cleaning of coalescence material
  • 无需频繁(至少半年一次)清洗聚结网,节约维护成本
  • No exchange and no disposal of filter material
  • 无需更换处理聚结网
  • No danger of cloging or congestion of the filter (e.g. even at flocculation through biodiesel)
  • 无需担心堵塞(即使在处理生物柴油时)
  • Permanently stable cleaning performance
  • 自洁功能
Your financial advantage: lowest operating costs