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Separating Engineering 分离技术

If it is about separating oil from water, INOWA is the specialist. The high performance-coalescence separator "System H" in its various versions and its innovative detail solutions is desired by all operators who do not just want any kind of oil separator, but a maintenance free separation plant of the highest operation safety. As once a separator is dug and installed, you simply have to live with its advantages and disadvantages. That is the reason why to decide for INOWA "System H".
Get informed about all the advantages and various construction versions here.
INOWA是油水分离技术的专家。对于使用者来说,分离器一旦已安装,不管功效如何,你已别无选择。如果希望获得免维护,安全性高的设备,多种规格的高效聚结分离器“System H”是不二选择。您可以在此获得INOWA “System H"的相关资料。
Separating Engineering 分离技术
The INOWA "System H" with its maintenance free separating technique offers numerous advantages to ordinary separating systems. A surview. H 与传统分离技术相比,INOWA 了解详情
The core part of our product range. Maintenance free separating technique with all advantages. INOWA的核心产品,免维护分离技术 了解详情
The less costly alternative without oil storage, but with all advantages of a maintenance free seperating technique. 不带油箱,但具备免维护基本优点的低成本选择 了解详情
High performance separator with maintenance free separating technique and enlarged sludge collector in an oval basin. 带拓展沉泥空间的分离器,椭圆形结构 了解详情
Sludge collector, High performance separator with maitenance free separating technique and pile up basin combined in one basin. 沉泥,分离,泵站集合在一个池体内 了解详情
The 2 in 1 multi-talent. Operation of two separate part flows in one basin. Separator and washwater preparation compactly combined. 了解详情
The free standing stainless steel version of the innovative System H with maintenance free separating technique. Also ideal for a mobile use. 了解详情
High-performance separator with maintenance free separating technique for large parking areas. Particularly used in Austria. 适用于大汇水面积的高效免维护分离器。 了解详情
Maintenance-free separation technology for field dehydrations at airports and airfield bases. Including a 24 hours readiness for operation. 了解详情
The market is divided into two categories. Customary separators, and separators with a maintenance-free separating technology. 了解详情