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Better Sludge Sedimentation

The use of innovative oval basin systems and the resulting optimized sludge sedimentation efficiency will mean to you as an operator:
  • clearly longer filter operating time at your preparation plant
  • clearly lower operating costs
  • no use of additives like floccullation additives etc. is necessary
  • no repeated filter backwashing at your preparation plant is necessary

Surface Feeding and Sedimentation Effect-

Surface Feeding and Sedimentation Effect

Decisive for the sedimentation effect in the sludge collector is the so called surface feeding. This is the ratio of volume stream of the inflow into the respective basin and the surface of the basin and it is stated in m / h as a rule. Thereby the surface feeding (qA) has to be smaller than the vertical sinking speed (VS) of the smallest dirt particle that shall remain in the sludge collector.

At sizing the sedimentation basin, the sedimentation performance depends solely on the size of the water surface and the basin depth is only technically and flow technically dependent:

For a successful removal of solids, the time which a particle requires to reach the bottom has to be shorter than the time for a horizontal throughflow of the basin.
Therefore we have the following formula:

Vs >= Q/A = qA

Vs .... vertical sinking speed
qA .... surface area sedimentation
Q .... volume flow of the Inflow
A .... effective surface Area of the basin

At modern oval basin surface technology it applies: 1 x 20 m³ = 20m³

At a conventional round basin technology it applies: 2 x 10 m³ = 10m³

At conventional basin set-ups there are usually round basins placed in succession for the planned sludge collection volume.For the sedimentation effect, however, the volume flow of the inflow and the and surface area of the basin are decisive. Therefore only the first of the two basins can be considered for the sludge sedimentation efficiency.

2 round basins á 10 m3 equals an effective surface of 4,9 m2
Ø je Becken = 2.500 mm: equals a surface feeding of 1,22 m/h

1 oval basin á 20 m3 equals an effective surface of 8,65 m2
length of the basin = 4.240 mm: equals a surface feeding of 0,69 m/h
Comparison to Round Basins-

Comparison to Round Basins

Ordinary Solution
Only coarse sludge of a high sinking speed can be sedimented.

INOWA Technology

The larger surface and the ideal flow conditions will effect an optimal sludge separation.
With our oval basin solution, also sludge particles of a clearly lower sinking speed (smaller and finer sludge particles) can be separated.

Sedimentation Time-

Sedimentation Time

The lower the sinking speed Vs of the sludge to be separated, the longer it takes the particles to reach the bottom.
(= Sedimentation Time).

By a larger surface in our oval INOWA basin system C , not only coars sludge particles but also smaller particles of a long sedimentation time (= slow sinking speed) can be sedimented within a short time.