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Configurate your basin exactly to your requirments 为你专门定制池体

One essential feature of the maintenance-free separating- and washwater sytems from INOWA is a flexible and modularly structured basin system which enables to provide a wastewater system which is exactly adjusted to individual requirements.

By means of our trend-setting oval basin design INOWA "System C" we have achieved the goal, to replace aged installation chains and concrete masses by a modern and safe process technology.
With its intelligent structure and different variation possibilities the "System C" enables an optimal configuration for any application.

Monolithic Basins up to 20 m3
Enables larger volumes as well as lower construction heights. (optionally with face ring extendable up to 30 m³
Highest concrete quality with self-compressing flowing concrete and evidence of oil consistency add. to EN 858

Variable Partition Walls 各种内部隔墙
One or two inside-walls in the basin enable a variable basin construction acc. to its application use, and flexibly adjustable chambers, depending on sludge creation, recycled-water requirement and space requirement for a lifting plant.

Low Basin Depth because of Oval Construction椭圆形结构可降低池体高度
Brings along advantages at installing the basin and in case of high ground water level.

Variable Basin Height up to 2,8 m
Ideal use of the oval basin system even at lower construction heights
and optimised adaption to ground and underground conditions.

Less Space Demand than with Customary Basin Combinations
The combination of functions of several round basins in one basin results in less required space than with customary basin systems.

Easier Installation and
less Installation Costs

Only one level instead of a few different basin levels, like e.g. in basin chains with distribution chambers, collective chambers or sampling chambers.

Better Sludge Sedimentation Effect
through a longer flow distance resp. 9 m² surface, an ideal fine-sluge sedimentation can be achieved. This would not be possible with customary round basins set up one after another.

Flexible Bore-Connection Sealings

care for absolutely leak-proof connections

Optional - Highly Resistant PEHD Inliner
A highly resistant inside coating brings about great mechanical and chemical resistance (15 years guaranty)
That means, no reconstructon costs of damaged coatings and advantages at those general inspections every 5 years.

Versatile Combination Possibilities
Because of its versatility the INOWA System C covers all application areas. Those different variations can be combined to an optimal complete system.

Additional Restraint-Volume in case of Disasters
for light-liquids, ethanol, water, other liquids in a construction by setting a separating wall
(e.g. ethanol-catch basin)