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Basin Systems 混凝土池体系统

One essential feature of the the INOWA wastewater expertise is our innovative basin technology. Next to the round basin, the "System C" with its modulary constructed oval basin represents a core element of the INOWA technology.
Numerous versions of this system enable a flexible use acc. to application case and the circumstances on site.
Whether a separator, sludge collectors, activation basins, basins with pump stations etc., INOWA always provides the suitable basin for the respective application area.

Round or oval basins in different versions offer the ideal solution for every kind of operation. The "System C" provides advantages against ordinary round basins. 了解详情
Our INOWA Oval basin technology brings about several advantages for the operators. Above all the sludge sedimentation is clearly better. 了解详情
Ideal for the use as sludge collection, abstraction basin, operation water basin or collection basin up to a volume of 13.000 litres. 了解详情
Up to 20m³ volume. Ideal for the use as sludge collection, accumulation basin. Particularly recommendable in case of high sludge formation. 了解详情
Combination basin in round construciton with integrated sludge collector and water abstraction basin / pump basin. 了解详情
Oval basin with up to 20m³ volume with integrated sludge collector and water abstraction basin respectively pump basin. 了解详情
Sedimentation plants are used as a part of percolation plant for precipation water and they have the purpose to block solids. 了解详情
Active-Coal filter plants are for example used as safety filter level before percolation plants. 了解详情
The System INOWA AFR is amongst others used for a dewatering of roofs in urban areas. 了解详情
This system is frequently used in order to clean rainwater from coarse parts before its percolation. 了解详情
Pump stations are used in a few application cases. Typical are e.g. lifting plants for fecal wastewaters, or afflux locks after separator plants. 了解详情
Valve boxes can be used amongst others as block boxes in case of disasters, as a restrictor system or as a flood detention basin. 了解详情
Ideal for the use in gastronomy/hotel business as well as in the area of food production. Available as concrete-steel basin, or as a free standing stainless steel construction. 了解详情