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Modern Separating Engineering for Hofer Logistics Centers

The ALDI Coporation has already got a number of logistics locations that are equipped with INOWA-Technology, and they have had oil separators and washwater preparation plants in permanent operation for many years. In June 2008 a further large logistic project could be realised for the Hofer-Aldi-Group in Domdidier-Switzerland.

This first central subsidiary logistic center counts to the largest ones across this international corporation group and is located in the lake district of Freiburg. For this new and modern logistic center, INOWA supplied again the complete wastewater technology, consisting of sludge collectors, oil separators and a washwater preparation plant.

The Hofer-Aldi Group has been trusting in our modern wastewater technology for many years.
After an INOWA parking area separator and a preparation plant for vehicle washing had been installed in Loosdorf, Austria, in 2003, we got the order for suppying several oil separators for transport safety at their central location Hofer Sovenia.

On this location 20 km in the north-east of Ljubljana, they have comprehended their stock for dry-range products, their deep-freeze center as well as their technology center. On the whole area we have installed a total 7 separating systems of a capacity from 70 to 100 liter per second.

A particular challenge of this project was the adjustment to special frame conditions, as all the separating system have a inflow depth of up to 6 m. So we had to consider special static requirements, and of course a maintenance-free construction is of crucial imortance because of these installation depths.

Modern Separating Engineering for Hofer Logistics Centers-

Peter Zauner, managing director of the MOLIN Industrie, Inbetriebnahme & Montage Gmbh & Co. KG main contractor for this building project in Slovenia:

“For this Slovenian Logistics Center of Hofer KG we have decided, as well as at our center in Loosdorf (Austria), for INOWA at the installation of separating systems at our lorry parking area. Above all, we decided on INOWA, because they were the only ones who could supply filterless high-performance separators in oval basins with a static prove for particularly high installation depths. A lot of focus was put on its filterless design, as customary filter separators on outside areas would have to be maintained and cleaned at high efforts and costs.”