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Separation Engineering 分离技术-

Separation Engineering 分离技术

Literature: 文字说明

INOWA Separation Engineering (incl. Basin Systems)

Announcement Texts and Type-/Data Sheets: 技术规格资料

System H
System H Supra
System H C2
System H C3
System H C5
System H FR
System H PA
Washwater Preparation 循环水设备-

Washwater Preparation 循环水设备

Literature: 文字说明

INOWA Washwater-Preparation

General Set Up Plans: 选型

WT3 / WT3K
WT6 / WT10
WT15 / WT20 / WT30 / WT40 / WT50

Other Basin Systems 其他池体系统

You will receive downloads to the following Basin Systems from INOWA on request:

- Sedimentation plants 沉淀池
- Active coal filter plants 活性炭过滤器
- Adsorption filter for rainwater of roof areas 屋顶雨水收集过滤
- Rainwater filter plants 雨水过滤
- Pump stations 泵站
- Valve boxes 阀门井

- Small clarification plants (Austria only) 小型生化设备(仅限奥地利)