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Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)业主的全部投资

Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) is an approach, that serves to help companies to estimate and evaluate all occuring costs of investment goods.

The idea of it is to obtain a calculation, which does not only include initial investment costs, but also all other aspects of the later use (above all, including operation, controll, maintenance, a.s.o.) of the concerned components.

Therefore known costs creators or also hidden costs can already be identified in advance of an investment decision.

Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)业主的全部投资

Wholistic Approach 投入曲线-

Wholistic Approach 投入曲线

Apparently favourable offers often turn out to be a costs trap. As simple as the function of separator plants may seem, there are still serious differences among all the suppliers, which eventually will be decisive on the annual costs for operation and maintenance, that are usually underestimated.

Ordinary oil separators may be very cost-saving at its acquisition, but they will cause unexpectedly high maintenance- and disposal- operation- and renovating costs. Especially every five years at the especially mandatory general inspection any occuring defects or lacks have to be renovated very expensively.

The adjoining graphics will clarify, how quickly the higher investment costs will be compensated by bigger savings from the running operation and how quickly the cost advantages of the INOWA System H will come into effect due to numerous innovative detail solutions and to its maintenance free separating engineering.

Hidden Costs 隐藏的成本-

Hidden Costs 隐藏的成本

Hidden costs at ordinary separation plants: Ordinary separation plants are usually more cost-saving at their acquisition, but they hide, as described so often, seriously higher costs during their operation.
In any case these higher costs have to be considered already at the acquisition:
  • Material costs for maintenance and cleaning of filter 清理过滤材料的成本
  • Labour costs for maintenance and cleaning 维护清理的人工成本
  • Costs for exchange and disposal of filter 更换过滤网的成本
  • Maintenance costs of alarm device 报警装置的维护成本
  • Costs for maintenance of swimmer (taring, cleaning, etc.) 浮阀的维护成本(清洗或者调整密度)
  • Disposal costs of the basin content for the maintenance 清理池体的成本
  • Renovation costs of the inside coating and chamber constructions 防腐涂层的维护成本
  • Sales shortfall due to operation stoppage during maintenance, reconstruction or general inspection 维护时停止运行带来的生产损失