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Reliable Know-how from the beginning 可靠的技术基础

Already at the very beginning of a project it is important to contact a wastewater specialist. This specialist will respond to the individual circumstances on-site and will work out an optimal concept.
The specialists from Inowa accompany their customers all the way from the idea to the final realization and operation of a project and even beyond that.
Only in this way all requirements and circumstances and conditions can be considered from the beginning.
As a too late calling in an expert often end in bad surprises or disadvantages at the construciton, operation and in the maintenance.

在项目开始时有必要咨询水处理专家。 技术专家要按照现场具体情况制定可行的方案
Reliable Know-how from the beginning 可靠的技术基础

Research & Development 研发

Progress and innovation are the drive of a successful company.
INOWA Products are therefore permanently further developped and equipped with new technologies to the benefit of our customers.
In this way our customers always have the advantage of being technically up to date.
The knowledge and experience of each project contributes to any further innovation and makes us the technology leader.
Not for no reason INOWA is the No. 1 in terms of maintenance free separation engineering.


Consulting and Planning 设计咨询

Every customer is consulted in advance concerning his individual conditions of his plant. That is why an earliest possible contact to the specialist of INOWA is necessary.

The exchange of information already at the beginning of the planning is an important panning instrument for all participants and enables the work out of optimal solutions for the wastewater engineering.

Each project has got its specialities and special requirements. Only if they are totally considered, the later operator receives the best concept.


Production 生产

As important as an optimal planning, is the careful manufacturing of the products used.
The production of separators, of various basin variation, of the washwater preparation plants and small clarification plants is therefore done in our own facturies.

In this way the highest quality is guaranteed and the customer receives carefully manufactured products, which will accompany him to his satisfaction for many years and decades.


Installation & Initial Operation安装调试

At our washwater preparation plants our installation teams will care for a smooth procedure of the installation and initial operation of the plant including a training and instructions to the operators and their employees with all their experience.

With the instruction and training the operators will receive important information for a correct use of the plant, as well as instructions for a correct control and maintenance.


Service, Guaranty and Safety 服务,承诺,安全

INOWA guarantees für its quality. This guarantees total carefreeness over many years and cares for lowest operation costs.

Even after the takeover our customers can make use of our longterm service. Our customer service
and our engineers are available for you, in order to optimally manage your plant.