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INOWA is the number 1 in terms of maitenance-free oil separating engineering. This fact is not only confirmed by our innovative products, but also thousands of satisfied customers. Learn more about our company, our philosophy and what is moving us.

Job interested people should visit our website regularly, as we are looking for qualified employees in different areas time and again.

INOWA is one of the most innovative companies in wastewater technology and technology leader in maintenance free oil separating engineering. INOWA 了解详情
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INOWA will coach you in all phases of your project. Already at the beginning of the project it is important to contact a wastewater specialist. 了解详情
Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) is an essential approach, that helps companies to estimate and evaluate all occuring costs of investment goods. 了解详情
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As one of the leading manufacturers in the area of R & D and production of wastewater cleaning plants for trade and industry we are the innovation leader in the issue of 了解详情