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Underground Car Parks

Whether there are important errands to run, a shopping tour, or going out at the weekends, there is a lot of cause to look for a place to park. Thank god, there are parking houses and underground car parks, which ease our search and enlarge the parking opportunities.

Underground car parks, however, have to be dewatered too, because rainy weather or taken snow may cause the creation of wastewater in parking garages.
Free standing separating plants by INOWA are perfect for tight place conditions.

Underground Car Parks-

Place Requirements

In parking houses and underground car parks there are often difficult installation- and space conditions for the required separating technology. There are either extreme installation depths demanded, or there may not be the possibility for a soil installation, respectively it may result in the necessity of an expensive pump station.

Therefore the separating plant has to be designable as flexibly as possible.

Solution: Freestanding Versions

As a solution for difficult installation conditions in underground car parks there are those free-standing versions of separating plants INOWA System H in stainless steel design.

These stainless steel separators have all the qualities and features of the INOWA Systems H, and in addition to that they can be adapted flexibly to certain place conditions. Even most difficult installation conditions can be managed in this manner.


Separating Plants System H in free-standing stainless steel design are flexibly designable and therefore ideal for difficult installation conditions in underground car parks.