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Transport Companies & Forwarding Agents

The operative utility vehicle fleet belongs to the most important elements of many companies. The selection of those commercial vehicles, the optimization of operating- and maintenance costs as well as an efficient us of commercial vehicles come to the fore.

The necessary infrastructure for the operation of commercial vehicle fleet - amongst others the wastewater technology - is often seen as a minor matter. A well considered planning and individually adapted wastewater technology solutions, however, can help those companies to save enormous costs.

Transport Companies & Forwarding Agents-

Special Requirements

Various Kinds of Companies

Those different kinds of companies amongst freight forwarders, forwarding agents and logistics centers towards earth-moving companies, building and construction companies and companies with a special vehicle fleet do have very differnt demands on wastewater technology, despite of a commercial vehicle fleet they have in common.

Therefore the wastewater technology system has to be adjusted to existing conditions like a facility petrol station, garages and washin places respectively washing plants.

Relief of staff through maintenance-free separating plants

Costs pressure, optimized route planning, time schedule optimisation, efficient employment of staff etc. are the daily routines in the carrying business. Businessmen of course want to concentrate on a most effective and profitable use of staff and truck fleet. Any reduction of maintenance work and its costs is welcome. Therefore separating plants of low maintenance are highly demanded.

Mechanical vehicle washing plants

Many transport companies run a mechanical vehicle wash for their fleet. Corresponding washwater preparation plants do have to fulfil special tasks at utility vehicle washing plants.
To the contrary to a car-wash there are higher amounts of used water per wash process, the dirtiness of these vehicles can vary a lot and operating hours of the washing plant are in many cases not constant but strongly fluctuating. Whilst there may be only few or no washes at all at the beginning of the week, the washing plant may operate to its full capacity until late evening hours towards the end of the week, or even concentrated on one day.

Next to the fact that the preparation plant has to be set to a maximum operation despite its fluctuating use, this discontinuous use requires a flexible user- and control technique.

INOWA Solutions

Maintenace-free separating technology by INOWA cares for little effort and lowest costs

Above all INOWAS separators stand out because of the fact that they are filterless, i.e. they work without coalescence materials. As a result there are numerous advantages like e.g. lower operating costs, as there is no need for permanent filter maintenance or filter cleanings. This is of great importance in the area of commercial vehicles as there is often a strong dirtiness of vehicles, (e.g. earth-moving companies). The sludge which arises at the washings usually leads to a sludging and clogging of the filter packages of customary separators. As our filterless INOWA "System H" is working on the base of a hydrodynamic operation, a continuous cleaning performance is guaranteed.

Therefore a cleaning and maintenance of filters is not necessary. For those companies where a lot of sludge, mud and dirt is generated, INOWA separators in an oval basin system are a great alternative because of their higher sludge collection volume.

Reasonable disposal

Another important feature of the INOWA oil separators is the automatic oil withdrawal of the surface into a separate oil container. This enables a reasonable disposal of those separated light liquids.
In case of customary separators, the separated light liquids like biodiesel have to be removed from the surface, thus to be disposed, after one year at the latest, according to those guiding rules DIN 1999-101.

Flexible and user friendly washwater preparation plants

INOWA preparation plants of the construction series "Watertec“ can be adapted individually to operating conditions of the company. The combination of a certain basin technology with oval basins and a flexible control of the preparation plant will guarantee a smooth operation, even during different operating times, non-operating and peak hours. At times of few washing processes there is a regular circle operating. Reflows take place at times of little or no wash operating. Hereby INOWA plants can be adapted ideally to those prescriptions and guiding rules of certain washing plant manufacturers and operators.


Oil Separator System H or System H C2, as well as washwater preparation plants of the series Watertec WT6-10 in combination with the Basin System C1 are typical solutions in this business area.