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No matter if it is a seaport or a domestic harbour - every harbour is a huge logistics center, where goods of all kind are moved. Large operating areas, numerous located logistics companies of high transport- , loading- and filling volumes as well as moving mineral oil products are also a huge challenge for dewatering and wastewater separating.

In order to guarantee a smooth operation, INOWA separating systems will do a safe and reliable job.
Either directly at harbour facilities, or at those numerous located logistics companies.


Special Requirements

The requirements on the wastewater engineering are manifold, according to the kind of moved products and different companies.

More often than not there are separating plants to be constructed because of moving and storing mineral oil products. Hereby there are also often large operating areas to be dewatered. Tanking processes of ships also have to be secured. Those areas are amongst other large traffic areas, storage areas, wash areas and facility petrol stations of forwarding agents and freight carriers, but also large facility areas of scrapyards.

Thus separating plants have to be used in many areas. One thing, however, stands out: The operating safety.

INOWA Solution

INOWA separating plants possess several qualities, which bring along great advantages for harbour facilities and harbour based companies.

This is of course firstly the filterless mode of operating and its connected little maintenance work, and secondly the flooding and overflow protection of the separating plants because of the automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container. In that oil container the separated light liquid is protected of backwater and can not leak.

This means that the plant is totally reliable in operation even in case of heavy rain, high dirtiness and uncontrolled oil leakage.

Exactly because of these advantages our INOWA Separating System H is favourably used at harbour facilities.


Separating plants System H and System H C2 are perfectly suited for the use in port areas because of their many innovative qualities.

According to a calculated nominal capacity there are round basins (System H) or oval basins (System H C2) to be used.