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Public Transport Companies 公共交通

Public means of transport owned by public transport companies are not only a means to an end, but also a figurehead of a city, a region or even of a whole country.

This fleet of vehicles, no matter if railway, subway, tramway or busses, has to be maintained, washed and cared for with an enormous effort, in order to guarantee a safe service despite a permanent operation. Uncountable operating workshops and garages care for an important work in the spirit of a public service.
With its innovative wastewater concepts INOWA helps to relieve these public companies, so that their staff can totally focus on their vehicle fleet and their core business.
Public Transport Companies 公共交通-

Various Requirements 多种需求

The requirements divide in two areas, - Dewatering of garages and washing plants for various vehicles.

These maintenance workshops have to administrate and maintain a high number of machinery and appliances. Time which will be missed for the actual business, the maintenance and care for the vehicles and machines.
That is why a maintenace friendly separator of a lowest possible maintenance time plays an enormous role.

For the water preparation of the washing plant, a high user friendliness and a flexible plant controll is also crucial in order to manage wash operations of different capacities.
In addition, there are special requirements as e.g. the wastewater processing in washing plants for a grafitte removal.

In all those cases, however, one thing has to be considered: there is usually little space for the wastewater components, and therefore compact plants are demanded.

INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

In regard to Separating Plants the INOWA System H is the ideal product for workshops and garages of transport companies. The filterless and maintenance free separating technology guarantees the least maintenance effort. No coalescence filters or other diverse coalescence materials have to be maintained or cleaned. This saves a lot of time, costs and effort.
INOWA Systen H分离器是维修车间的理想配套设备。无需聚结网,免维护技术使维护降低到最低水平。无需清洗任何聚结材料,节约时间和人工。

With a wide range of Washwater Preparation Systems INOWA also has the possibility to offer individually adapted preparation systems, depending on local conditions and place conditions. These systems are not only strong in capacity, but they also offer a user friendly and flexible plant´s control. In this way the most various and different operating times of the washing plant can be cosidered.

Next to intelligent basin systems for the preparation, INOWA has also got freestanding, above-ground component versions in their range.

Anything is possible. Just ask our experts.

Products 产品

Numerous INOWA Products are available for traffic and transport companies. Next to those separating plants of the System H, our solutions for washwater preparation are of a main interest.
针对运输公司,INOWA有多种适应产品。除了System H分离器,我们还有更多循环水设备。