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Logistics Centers

Logistics centers are like pulse arteries for a daily distribution of goods. They take care that products will land in supermarket shelves in time, that chain stores are delivered in time, or that products get to a certain destination. An appropriate presence of transport vehicles cares for a permanent operation.

The internal truck fleet or also external trucks and other commercial vehicles are refuelled at the facility petrol stations and often washed at existing washing plants. Especially those trucks and vehicles of certain trade chain stores and brands do represent their company day by day and therefore they have to be as clean as possible.

Logistics Centers-

Special Requirements

Washwater Preparation

The cleanness of the trucks or other commercial vehicles is important for the image of companies. Especially those well-known brands and trademarks are recognised because of those marked vehicles by people day after day.

The washing plants used for washing these trucks and vehicles are often used unregularly. So there are most different operating times of washing plants and their preparation plants. The control and use of the preparation plant has to be as simple as possible and the operation has to be reliable without any bigger maintenance effort.

Separating Plants

Not only because of washing plants, but also because of existing facility petrol stations at the business premises, oil separators are necessary. Also here it is essential: as maintenance-free as possible, as the required staff is hardly available for maintenance and cleaning, or has to be used more profitable in the core business area.

INOWA Solutions

Washwater Preparation

As a typical solution regarding the washwater preparation the construction series Watertec WT6-10 in combination with the oval basin System C1 is used. In most cases the plant´s dimension is sufficient.
As a completing component a separator System H is frequently used.

The preparation plant can individually be adapted to different capacities and has got a simple use.
A highly different use of the washing plant with extreme peak hours on certain days is not a problem either.

Separating Plants

For the facility petrol station and also for the washing plant the INOWA System H is frequently used. This innovative technology of the system and its maintenance-free, filterless separating technology will minimize the maintenance effort and operating costs enormously.


Typical products for washwater preparation- and separating plants are the preparation construction series of Watertec WT6-10 in combination with the oval basin System C1 and the high-performance separator System H.