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Coach Companies

No matter if shuttle-service, a short trip, or a long journey. Important is the first impression that the bus will leave at its passengers, as only a neat and clean coach will provide the passengers´ trust.
The passengers are looking forward to their ride, the trip or the journey. This impression should not be effected.

That is why washing plants have a particularly high significance at bus- and coach companies.
Separating plants and, if required, washwater preparation plants by INOWA will care not only for clean busses and coaches, but also for a propperly cleaned washwater.

Coach Companies-

Clean Busses

Withing the operative processes the bus-wash process is very important. No matter if a manual or an automatic wash, the wastewater technology must be adapted exactly to operative requiremants and to the corresponding capacity.

The times, at which busses or coaches are washed are not continually the same but may vary a lot. According to the planned use of the busses there are different wash processes on different days.
On some days there may be very few or no wash processes at all, but towards the weekend or at the beginning of the week those washing plants may have to work to full capacity.

Therfore a plant´s conception, which comes up to a discontinual operation with peak times as well as non-operating hours, gets necessary.

Inowa Solution

In case of manual washing plants the INOWA Oil Separator System H is the right choice.

For automatic washing plants a typical solution is that concept consisting of the combination basin System C1 and a preparation plant of the series Watertec WT6-10. The wastewaters resulting from bus-wash plant are led via a compact basin System C1, which enables the possibility to combine the sludge collector, the activation and the withrdrawal basin in an undergroud component.

The excess water and those wastewaters resulting from the manual high-pressure washing can be drained directly into the channel via a High Performance Separator System H.


Respectively to the washing plant there are flexible systems required. The Watertec 6-10 System can easily be used for a continuous operation.

The System H is the ideal completition.