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Traffic, Transport and Logistics

The area of passenger- and goods transportation requires a well planned wastewater system because of two reason. One the one hand the water protection is highly important at the storage and transport of mineral oil products, and the second reason is, that different means of transport are used for their transport.
All these vehicles and transport fleets have to be maintained and cleaned propperly.

Whether for storage areas and loading processes, or workshops and washing processe, INOWA has the suitable solution for all applications of separating plant and washwater preparation.

Railways, Underground trains, busses and tramways - they all have to be maintained and washed. INOWA supplies the wastewater technology for them. 了解详情
Neatly washed busses are important for the image of any bus company. INOWA cares for an appropriate washwater process. 了解详情
Airports do not only make big demands because of their enormous nominal capacity and / or the number of required separating plants. Above all the word operating service 了解详情
Seaports are very important places of movement of goods and logistics centers. Loading processes, traffic, mineral oil products etc. , they all require an appropriate dewatering 了解详情
The maintenance of the fleet of vehicles is extremely important. INOWA provides the suitable concepts for garages and washing places. 了解详情
Facility petrol stations and washing plants are part of the facilities of any modern logistics center. And so is a modern wastewater technology. 了解详情
Even in the Alpine area there are garages and facility refuelling stations, which have to be reliably dewatered. 了解详情
For the dewatering of underground car parks special requirements are demanded. INOWA has got the suitable separating technology. 了解详情
A typical requirement of companies with truck- or bus fleets is the dewatering of high-pressure washing places. INOWA provide the washwater preparation plants for thes 了解详情