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Scrapyards, Recycling- and Waste Management Companies 废品站,回收站,废物处理场所

Protection of environment and safety are of special importance for waste management- and recycling companies as well as for scrapyards, and they are subject to special prescriptions. Therefore the dewatering and separating technology has to come up to most sophisticated requirements.

INOWA Systems care for an absolute safe operation and in addition for lowest possible operating costs.
Scrapyards, Recycling-  and Waste Management  Companies 废品站,回收站,废物处理场所-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

On scrapyards and at other recycling and waste management companies a maximum operating safety is a real must. Especially those sometimes highly polluted surface waters of huge store areas bring out a big potential danger. In case of customary filter separators there are the following dangers:
  • Danger of congested coalescence filters in the separator caused by fine sludge in the wastewater
  • 细小污泥容易堵塞过滤网
  • Danger of leakage; light liquids may leak in case of flooding, backwater, etc.
  • 在洪水或倒流情况下,油容易有外溢风险
  • Danger of a false alarm by dirty swimmers or in case of a hydraulic overload.
  • 密度浮阀因污物或水力原因工作不畅

INOWA Solutions INOWA方案

INOWA separating plants guarantee the highest operating safety through various innovative features and qualities. They are:
  • Absolute filterless through a totally hydrodynamic mode of operation
  • 通过流体力学,而不是过滤材料实现油水分离
  • Absolutely safe from flooding because of their automatic oil withdrawal into a specially designed separate oil container
  • 因有内置油箱,而不会有外溢风险
  • Absolutely safe and reliable even at heavy rainfall, high grade of dirtiness and uncontrolled oil leakage
  • 防腐内衬保证不会渗漏

Products 产品

As the most suitable separating plant the use of the INOWA Systems H C2 can be recommended. This separating plant in oval basin construction is designed for high hydraulic loads and is equipped with a larger sludge collector.
最适合的选择是INOWA System H C2系列。这种椭圆形结构的分离器是为大处理量而设计的,配备有扩大的沉泥区