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In the generation of electricity waterpower plants play an important part, as waterpower is a very environmental and sustainable source of energy. Even in those complex and narrow constructions wastewater technology by INOWA can be found, as especially where water and turbines get into direct contact, water protection is exceptionally important.

For the inflow of polluted leakage waters from the areas of turbine shaft sealings, dewatering of the construction and sweatwater as well as from turbines control-corridor dewatering into the respective river, there has to be an appropriate state of the art high-performance separating plant.
Power Stations and Electricity Distribution 电站-

Special Requirements 特殊要求

The following qualities have to be fulfilled by separating plants in waterpower stations:
  • Adaption to local conditions: The procedure technique has to be adapted exactly to operating conditions as well as to existing construction conditions, i.e. for instance to be installed in existing basin systems. Every plant in differnt power stations has to be adapted to the respective place. Partly those existing basins have to be used, and partly some freestanding stainless steel versions may get necessary.
  • 适应当地条件:运行需要遵循建设条件,如安装在现有的池体内,或需要自由放置的设备
  • Filterfree design of the separating system:
    In the past, the experience gained through operating has shown clearly, that the loading of fine sludge is very strong. These fine sludges used to clog both the filters in previous separators and the density dependent surface swimmers, and that caused permanent troubles.
  • 无过滤网的分离设备:基于过往经验,水中细小的污泥会堵塞过滤网,而且使密度浮阀工作不畅,这样的问题会持续发生
  • Maintenance freedom because of filterless separating technology, without coalescence material
  • 免维护技术,没有过滤材料
  • Automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container which is safe from flooding
  • 自动收集浮油,内置油箱,没有溢油风险
  • Full readiness for operation during disposal- and revision work
  • 清理无需停止运行
  • Permanent inflow: The separating system as well as its automatic oil withdrawal have to work reliably and failure-free even at a permanent inflow
  • 在持续入水情况下,自动收集浮油功能一直保持

Flexible Solutions 多样性

For cleaning the wastewater in those tight turbine corridors our INOWA System H FR in freestanding stainless-steel design is the best suited system.
INOWA放置式分离器 H FR系列适用于涡轮机狭窄的设备间

These stainless steel separators can easily be adapted to certain place conditions and possess all qualities and advantages of the Systems H and so they cover all requirements of this complex appication case:
  • maintenance-free separating technology without filter or coalescence materials
  • 无过滤材料的免维护技术
  • automatic oil withdrawal into a separate oil container , designed safe from flooding
  • 自动收集浮油,内置油箱,无外溢风险
  • permanent readiness for operation without interruptions caused by cleaning- or maintenance procedures
  • 清理无需停止运行
One further essential advantage is the wastewater cleaning directly in the underground turbine corridor.
In this way the water which has already been cleaned can be returned to the river by means of simple pump technique. There is no danger of swirling or an emulsion of light liquids.


The ideal solution for these tight space conditions in turbine corridors of waterpower plants: our flexible INOWA System H FR in freestanding stainless steel design.