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Industrial Wastewaters

Reserach and development in most various areas of wastewater cleaning, in combination with a long term experience are the base for individual solutions for trade and idustry. Adjusted to specific requirements of those generated wastewaters to be cleaned (quantity, pollution, grade of cleaning, etc.) the INOWA process engineers will choose the most suitable way of process and treatmant. The goal for each project is an optimal combination of approved process techniques. Hereby we consider economic efficiency and guaranteed observance of legal prescriptions. Our process engineers offer a suitable solution for almost any task assignment.

Our service spectrum for the use in trade and industry is manifold:
  • Collector Basins with PEHD-Inliner
  • Filterless High-Performance Separators in freestanding stainless steel design Emulsionsspaltanlagen
  • Neutralization
  • Chemical metal precipitation etc.
Numerous concepts for wastewater cleaning in differnt industrial areas, like the treatment of metallic surfaces
disposal of borer- and cutting emulsions, preparation of blasting means, resin sealings of surfaces, canteen kitchens, a.s.o., were created and successfully put into effect. Chemical procedures like precipitations, oxidation, neutralization and flocking in connection with a physical separating process, like the flotation or filtration, and biological cleaning processes, as the approved fix-bed system, will enable those process engineers of the company INOWA to offer an appropriate solution for almost every problem.

Die bei der Projektbearbeitung verfolgte Systematik lässt aus Kundenanforderungen Lösungen werden:
  • Survey
  • Analyses
  • Evaluation
  • Planning
  • Realization
  • Service
Industrial Wastewaters-