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Food Industry and Food Processing

In the wide scale of food industries there are numerous different production-, flushing- and cleaning processes, at which more or less polluted wastewaters are generated which have to be cleaned before their inflow towards the draining channel.

In many cases those wastewaters containing fats and cooking oils have to be cleaned. For this purpose, INOWA offers a wide range of possible wastewater cleaning plants.

Food Industry and Food Processing-


In food industries a lot of most different wastewaters with differently polluted waters will occur because of so many differnent processes. That is why there is also a number of possibilities of wastewater processing.

An individual creation of wastewater concepts, which is adjusted to those certain frame conditions, is required.

In doing so, there are very strict official requirements and prescriptions regarding the wastewater quality, which have to be observed.

INOWA Solutions

INOWA prepares an individual concept according to requirements profile and kind of wastewaters to be cleaned, which comprehends also a chemical-physical processing next to fat separators, by means of various techniques.

Splitting- filling- and flotation plants are amongst others used in this branch.